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Joshua Wagschal

Entrepreneur based in New York

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Joshua Wagschal has a wealth of experience in the intersection of business management, equal access to basic amenities, and healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Following his educational years, Joshua now has had successful careers in both the plumbing and food industries.

Joshua Wagschal spent his early life in Brooklyn and made it his life’s goal to work justly and efficiently in business, with the dream of eventually constructing his own.

For several years, he worked at Overstock Plumbing Deals and found an opportunity to experiment with his management and financial organization abilities. The company provides brand-name and top rated plumbing appliances at substantially reduced prices, so that anyone may access basic amenities that are guaranteed to last. Porcher, Kohler, and Delta, among other brands, stock the company with the shipments they cannot fit in their own spaces, such as faucets, bathtubs, and shower heads. Joshua worked in a variety of capacities and served as a liaison between sellers and consumers, and was impressed with the company’ efficiency in completing orders, maintaining relationships with customers, and living up to and beyond expectations.

Joshua Wagschal is also devoted to health and its proven societal benefits. The healthier a community, the less obstacles they have to overcome, and the more doors they may open. Following Overstock Plumbing Deals, he moved on to yet another dream job at Yalla Natural, a company that provides mobile up-to-date education on healthy living in a vehicle! The goal is to empower the communities they visit, especially the youth population, to learn gardening skills, meal prep, and lifestyle changes. If the younger generations are encouraged to use their skills in conjunction with a goal of health, communities are more likely to instill an environment of confidence, innovative problem solving, and well-being in the long-run. Joshua helped plan classes on “blender bikes,” or smoothie makers that work by the power of a moving bicycle, and on self-check-ups, in which the community may learn skills to take their own vitals and assess their condition without having to make an expensive trip the doctor.

With years of management and health skills, Joshua feels lucky to have seen so much success in various industries.

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