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Most diets fail because of the drastic food changes you put your body through that it was once dependent on. Eating well and being healthy through a diet is achievable but staying on the diet is the difficult part. A better mindset to have is a lifestyle change rather than relying on a diet. The biggest question is where to begin when wanting to eat healthily or lose weight.


The Power of Habit

Many of the poor choices made with food intake come down to habit. You, by default, always order the Mountain Dew with dinner because that is what you always order and have been for years. The first step in breaking these habits is recognizing them. Then figuring out why these habits exist in your life is the next step in changing them. Rather than drinking a sugary soda jam-packed with calories for lunch and dinner, find a low to zero calorie drink as a replacement.

That one small change can greatly reduce your sugar and calorie intake for the day, moving your closer to your goal of healthy eating or losing weight.


Make a Plan

Rather than sticking to a diet or plan, created by someone else, can be hard to implement into your own life. Make a plan that works for you and challenge yourself. You know your lifestyle better than anyone else. Plan out what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as anything in between. This will give you a framework to utilize throughout each day. As well, a plan that is less vague is more helpful. Broad goals will only allow you to wiggle around the plan and exploit loopholes within it.


Be Realistic

The biggest reason why diets don’t work and lifestyle changes do is because you can be realistic with your own plan. You know yourself better than anyone else. You must be committed to challenging yourself but without creating such extreme goals that will set you up for failure. Push yourself but set realistic goals by taking small steps to cut out the bad and insert the good into your diet.