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When someone wants to save money on her groceries or have extra food supplies during the winter, there are several nutritious bulk foods available. These types of foods will remain fresh for several months and are often sold in larger containers. Here are some of the best bulk foods to keep in a home’s kitchen cupboard.




If someone enjoys eating nuts, then she can find this food in the original shells to maintain its freshness. Shoppers can find almonds, walnuts and cashews at local supermarkets. Keep the bags of nuts in a cool and dry environment in containers that prevent infestation from pests. Make sure to have tools for cracking the nuts along with picking the nut meat from the shells.




Rice is a low-cost bulk food that can last for several months when it is stored in the correct environment. A shopper can find brown, white or specialty varieties of rice at a supermarket to cook in an assortment of recipes. This cooked food is suitable for serving at breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Dried or Canned Beans


Canned or dried beans can provide essential protein during a power outage that prevents the storage of perishable meats. The best way to find bulk-priced beans is by looking for large plastic bags or cans of this food at nearby supermarkets. A cook must understand how to soak the dried beans in clean water for several hours before cooking the foods alone or with other ingredients.




Pasta is an excellent food to buy in bulk because it is versatile and remains fresh for several months. There are whole-grain and white flour pastas that are sold in huge cardboard boxes or plastic bags. It is possible to combine pasta with other foods to create a nutritious and filling meal during an emergency situation.


Dried Fruit


While fresh fruit has a short shelf life, dried fruit can last for several months, making it a great choice for long-term storage. Supermarkets have bags of single or mixed dried fruits such as raisins, oranges or cherries.