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This past January, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debuted some new items that once again connected the technology industry with the fitness industry. Some of the most exciting collaborations featured more wearable tech, such as AI-driven headphones, swimsuits that can track your mileage, and smart watches that continue to grow smarter. But, also, there were luxury in-home fitness equipment products that promise to give fitness junkies everywhere something new to try out.


Spire Swim Tracker

Finally, swimmers everywhere can partake in the wearable fitness technology trend without getting their Fitbits wet. and Spire Health Tag have joined up to make the first smart swimsuit, which means information from the workout will be synced to the user’s phone. They’ll have access to metrics like time and distance, and potentially heartbeat, which is another favorite feature in fitness trackers.


The two best things about this wearable, though? The battery outlasts the suit, so the wearer won’t have to frequently worry about maintaining a charge or the battery dying out halfway through a set. And, the price is extremely reasonable: the tracker costs $30, and though that doesn’t include the suit itself, that’s still not a bad deal at all.


Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio Headphones

For anyone looking to improve their running technique, these earbuds might just be the answer. With the combination of AI and accompanying app, runners will benefit from having all kinds of metrics at their fingertips. Not only does Soul Electronics’ latest model include speed, distance, cadence, step length, and step width tracking, but there’s more. These sweatproof headphones also track complex measurements like head tilt, maximum leg force, shock, balance, and even bodily oscillation.


This information is available in real-time via the app, and if the user starts to move out of ideal ranges, thanks to the AI technology and partnership with Beflex Inc., they’ll receive feedback on how to best fix that. For serious runners, the $149.99 price tag will seem like a bargain, but even the casual jogger, this could prove a worthy investment.


Both of these products and more will be released throughout the remainder of 2018. There is something for everyone to improve their workout experience, and if it doesn’t exist yet, keep waiting—at this rate, it might just come out tomorrow.